Lidl’s budget sneakers ‘more popular’ than Balenciaga and designer brands

Budget supermarket, Lidl has officially launched their own clothing line “Lidl by Lidl”, which includes their popular sneakers.

The store announced earlier this month that it will be launching its own clothing line in the UK, with its sneakers highly sought after by its fans.

The £ 12.99 sneakers were initially launched last year, but the range was not available in the UK. However, that didn’t stop buyers from finding them on Ebay as they waited for the range to hit UK stores.

The highly sought-after sneakers were so popular that the Liverpool Echo reports that thousands of “shoppers were researching the shoes online before they were released.”

New research numbers from Love the Sales have shown trainers to be in high demand, outperforming even some of the more popular designer trainer versions.

The popular Triple S sneakers from designer label Balenciaga were searched by around 110,000 shoppers, and Yeezy Boost 700 was searched around 33,100 times.

By comparison, Lidl’s £ 12.99 Economy Trainers managed to rack up 135,000 searches before they even got published.

Shoppers are obsessed with the now iconic red, blue and yellow striped sneakers, which they sell for almost £ 150 on ebay.

The wait is now over, as the full line of “Lidl by Lidl” clothing is officially launched today and will be available in stores nationwide.

If, like many others, you liked these now iconic sneakers, you might want to head over to your local Lidl and purchase a pair while supplies last.

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