£ 15million of counterfeit designer clothes seized by police in Manchester

It is estimated that £ 15million of counterfeit designer clothing and accessories was seized in several raids in central Manchester.

The raids were carried out by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and City of London Police.

Officers found fake branded electrical devices and counterfeit drugs.

Around 45,000 items were seized with an estimated loss for the brands at £ 15million if sold at retail, according to City of London police.

Police say buying and selling counterfeit goods is not a victimless crime. In addition to hurting legitimate businesses, it helps fund organized crime, and it often comes with violence.

Four addresses in Strangeways, Manchester, were raided between Monday and Wednesday, April 21, following an operation by the intellectual property units of the two forces.

Six people were arrested for offenses related to importing and distributing fakes, while a seventh was arrested for intent to illegally supply prescription drugs.

Cell phones and money were also seized.

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