All of my designer clothes are from Xianyu, the leading second-hand shopping app in China

Second-hand clothes? You may be reluctant to the idea right now, and maybe feel a little itchy from some imaginary cooties, but what about the idea of ​​paying $ 20 for authentic Lululemon leggings? Because to me that sounds pretty good, and totally worth the small, vaguely possible, risks of buying used.

First of all, an introduction is in order. You know Taobao, but do you know its sister application, dedicated to flea markets, called 闲 鱼 Xianyu? The name itself is quite curious, as it translates to Bored Fish, but it picks up quickly. Guess if I’m a bored fish then I’m glad Beijing is a huge trading pond with really diverse offerings. To date, I have made 174 purchases on Xianyu, from my child’s Balenciaga shoes (one sixth of the sale price, worn once inside and in practically new condition) to the Linksys router which provides WiFi in my house (new condition with box) and my dog’s Westpaw chew toys (brand new from a closing pet store). When my neighbor’s US Xbox power adapter was kaput here, I went to Xianyu and bought one for 50 RMB (as opposed to 150 RMB on Taobao), which they received within three days.

If the shopping experience seems as smooth as on Taobao, it really is. But I hear your questions, so let’s start with the one I get most often – How do you know it’s genuine? The short answer is, no, not really. But I know what I’m willing to pay. I’ve found that in general people don’t really want to lie and cheat on you, not for a few bucks anyway. Most sellers will say the item is genuine, or they don’t know it, or avoid the problem altogether. In the case of the latter, they usually state that the item is from the same factory as the “real” goods and can admit that it was rejected for manufacturing defects, similar to goods found in shopping malls. . In such cases, if they were not already provided, I can request photographs of the defects and then decide if I am willing to accept them for the price.

Things not to do

On Xianyu, I’m looking for second-hand products, not cheap knockoffs. Don’t worry if you are, though, as there are plenty of them available, although I’d rather go to The Pearl where I can try the products myself if I’m looking for a cheap price. If you’re looking for truly authentic second-hand items, you’ll want to avoid sellers who list the same item in multiple colors, or with multiple listings of the same item, which is very unlikely to be used and much more likely to be used. be counterfeits. .

the back

I’ve been buying used apps since my child was born (he’s 6 now), and the secret to my success is knowing exactly what I’m looking for. I’m looking for a specific brand in a size that I already know will fit, for example, “Patagonia female winter jacket M” will definitely narrow my search down to dozens of items rather than hundreds of Patagonia products. The more details, the better: materials such as “goose down” or a specific model, the “Fall 2020 collection”, or even a specific color will help you refine your search to better target your products. purchases.

Personally, part of the reason I shop second-hand is also to mitigate the environmental impact of retail shopping. So, it makes sense that I also try to avoid the heavy carbon footprint of the expedition, which I accomplish by setting my search parameters to Xianyu inside Beijing. Follow the steps in the photo below to do the same!

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