AOC designer dress on sight sparks backlash, she responds

Who Said Women In Congress Can’t Wear Sequins? On Wednesday February 19, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was the guest of View, where she stepped out in a leopard-print sequined sheath dress by Rickie Freeman. While she was blown away by the sparkling number, some critics found it offensive. They suggested that Ocasio-Cortez – who champions progressive and socialist democratic policies – should not wear designer clothes because of his political ideologies.

In its true AOC form, the deputy silence your opponents in a tweet this weekend, in which she revealed that she doesn’t always buy her luxury items. “I rent, borrow and throw away my clothes,” she said. “It’s also respectful of the environment! “

She specifically called The New York Post, who posted a story about her clothing choices for her appearance on View.

“The Post is just crazy that you can look good fighting for working families,” Ocasio-Cortez added. “Glitter is a great accessory for universal healthcare, isn’t it? “

Ocasio-Cortez’s appearance and spending habits have come under intense scrutiny since becoming the youngest woman to be elected to Congress in November 2018. Last fall, the Conservative newspaper The Washington Times touted a story about AOC’s premier hair salon in DC Title? “AOC self-proclaimed socialist splurges with a high-priced hairstyle. “

As The Washington Post Noted, the media’s fixation on AOC’s fashion and beauty choices is emblematic of a larger problem. Women in public office are unfairly scrutinized for their style, with the media calling them either to splurge or judge them for not adhering to society’s beauty standards. For example, in one of her first public appearances after the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton chose not to wear makeup, which drew scathing comments from all corners of the internet.

In the cases of Clinton and Ocasio-Cortez, supporters have spoken out to defend their style choices. “How many articles on bespoke suits and Rolex watches do cis politicians write, one might ask?” “, an user tweeted to the AOC. Another wrote, “If you wear a sequined dress when you are invested as president, we would be on your feet.”

AOC’s now infamous sequin dress is currently available – and on sale – in select sizes at Saks Fifth Avenue.

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