AOC wears luxury designer dress rented on ‘The View’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez loves clothes!

The left-handed sweetheart made the tongue speak when she donned a luxury designer dress for her appearance Wednesday in “The View.”

“Don’t you love when a self-confessed SOCIALIST wears $ 580 dresses from Rickie Freeman?” I mean, who doesn’t need a sequined leopard dress to be an effective MP? taunted curator Erica Nurnberg in a tweet.

“This all-sequined style features a trendy leopard print and gathered detail at the waist,” boasts Saks Fifth Avenue’s online description of the leopard-print crew-neck, long-sleeved sheath dress.

The MP with a cause may have paid the $ 580 for the polyester glamor, but if she recently checked out the sales medium, she could have grabbed it for the relatively inexpensive price of $ 232.

“Yeah! I rent, borrow and save my clothes. (It’s also eco-friendly!)

AOC tweeted earlier on Saturday after seeing The Post’s story.

“The Post is just crazy that you can look good fighting for working families. Glitter is a great accessory for universal healthcare, isn’t it? The tweet continued.

Regardless, AOC still spends like a socialist compared to establishment Dem Hillary Clinton, who was pilloried in 2016 for wearing a $ 12,000 Armani tweed jacket while giving a speech on the income inequalities.

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