Ayanda Thabethe thinks if you can afford designer clothes, you can plug in a backup power source

  • Ayanda Thabethe lives the high life where offloading is something she can laugh at because her sister has a backup
  • Taking to social media to brag about his UPS system, Ayanda urged those who can afford it to do so.
  • While everyone would like to live a life where electricity is not a problem, the pals let Ayanda know that the vast majority cannot afford such luxury.

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Gorgeous Mzansi TV presenter and model Ayanda Thabethe works hard to keep the lights on. While a new handbag would be nice, in SA an inverter is the new Gucci, lol!

Ayanda Thabethe recently took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the power cuts that affected all of Mzansi. Image: @ayandathabethe_.
Source: Instagram

Speaking to social media amid the mess that is being offloaded, Ayanda has let her people know that she lives for her UPS, reported LIVE Timetable. Being able to continue operating when Eskom does the least feels good.

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Ayanda thinks that if you can afford designer shoes, especially the luxury ones, then you can get an inverter, it’s worth it!

Ayanda job:

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Seeing Ayanda’s post, people felt the need to participate, donating their two cents on the backup plans for the load shedding. While it would be great if we could all still have a light or two on, we can’t all afford Gucci, sister.

Take a look at some of the comments:

@AswegenElvera lives for renewable energy sources:

“If you can afford Gucci, you should turn to solar power. Solar reduces your electricity bill. This can cut your electric bill in half. And you can start small. And then add additional batteries. Solar works even if there is cloud cover.

@ vavavoom6 would like:

“LOL, I guess you’re talking to the elites and not the rest of SA. But you’re right, but as a country we all feel this nightmare not just the Gucci owners.”

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@Rea_Khoabane says:

@MissGwangwa wanted to know more:

Beauty and intelligence, Ayanda Thabethe celebrates academic success

Ayanda Thabethe has the looks and the smarts to boot. The media personality took to social media to share that she has put together the necessary requirements to pursue her dream – a master’s degree in commerce (MBA) at Henley Business School, Briefly News reported.

“It was the letter I expected! On my way to my 3rd Qualification … #MBA here I am … ”

Many showed love to Thabethe after making her inspirational announcement and wished her well on her journey.

Source: Briefly.co.za

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