Digital Original: Little Rock designer bag consignment drives fashion forward


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Prada.

A local woman helps bring designer labels like these to the everyday woman, but without the designer price.

Self-taught entrepreneur Katie Evans, 28, takes her love for fashion and helps spread it throughout central Arkansas and beyond.

His Instagram account called, Luxury lady, has over 10,000 subscribers and this is where she does most of her business.

Evans hopes to show women that dreaming big doesn’t always mean it has to cost more.

“I just want to bring that joy and happiness to all the women who want to wear a designer item and give it to them at a price they can afford,” she says.

Most of Evans’ handbags come from people who want to part with their high fashion designer clutch and like the idea of ​​being able to get something in return.

Each bag is completely refurbished, inspected and comes with a certificate of authenticity from a New York company.

Here’s more on Evans’ stuff and details on how you can get your very own designer handbag.

How our consignment works:
We buy, sell and trade to get our goods. Most of our merchandise comes from shippers all over the United States. Our shippers bring or ship their items that they are ready to part with to us and we handle all photos, posting, sale, shipping and layaway plans. The sender receives 70% of the item’s selling price and we agree on the price together. The sender receives his payment for the sale within 10 days.

What is the authentication process: Katie Beth is a Brand Professional and has done extensive authentication research and training. She personally authenticates each item in person. In addition to this screening, they are working with a company called Entrupy. Entrupy uses microscopic images to dissect the sac. The images are then submitted to an artificial intelligence system for authentication. So ladies, not only are these bags authenticated with the naked eye, but they are dissected under a microscope. Each item comes with a financial guarantee of authenticity and is guaranteed to be authentic. Some items even come with an Entrupy certificate of authenticity in addition to the financial guarantee if you wish! The financial guarantee means that we are so confident in our authentication methods that we offer a 100% refund if anything goes wrong!

How do you know what is available and what is sold?: On Instagram, just click on the posts and check the comments under that post. @luxladylr will comment SOLD if the item is no longer available. Everything else is free to play! On Facebook, there is an “available items” album that you can access to see a preview of what is available. You can also just scroll down the page and anything that’s already sold will say “Edit, SOLD!” At the top of the original post or in the comments.

Item condition: We sell items in all conditions so that we can offer a variety of options for all budgets. We classify the condition of our items as used, good, very good, excellent, excellent and as new and any wear and tear is noted in the description or photos of the condition of the items.

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