Ex-fugitive’s designer clothes will be auctioned now that he’s locked up

The designer clothes of a former fugitive trapped in a strip club will be auctioned off.

Dominic McInally stocked up shoes from brands such as Balenciaga and Christian Louboutin while working for a drug gang that sought to earn £ 1million per month.

Investigators believe he personally benefited from just over £ 250,000 – but only has his wardrobe left, valued at £ 7,605.

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McInally is currently serving a 12-year sentence, handed down earlier this year after a jury found him guilty of conspiring to import cocaine after a trial at Liverpool Crown Court.

The case follows his extradition from Spain after the end of his six years on the run when he was arrested at a strip club near Marbella in February 2020.

McInally and his crew were arrested when six kilograms of cocaine, 75% pure, were seized in Thornton in 2014.

The loot had been collected at the border of France and Belgium and secreted in a compartment hidden inside a Seat Leon.

The Class A stash was roughly worth up to £ 50,000, but its high purity meant it could have grown to 25kg when cut with blowing agents.

This would have given the drugs a market value of up to £ 2.4million.

Dominic McInally was among the 10 most wanted British criminals hiding in Spain

Five men were jailed for a combined total of 48 years for their role in the conspiracy, which included plans to procure up to 24kg of cocaine per month.

McInally avoided prosecution by fleeing overseas.

When he was finally brought home to face justice, prosecution Ian Harris told jurors he was “a man who knew the cost of everything, but the value of nothing”.

The comments stemmed from the luxury lifestyle McInally enjoyed before leaving the UK.

Although he had no legitimate income, he lived in an apartment complex on Victoria Road in Formby, one of the most expensive streets in Merseyside.

He had a wardrobe full of designer clothes and watches worth tens of thousands of pounds, including 44 pairs of shoes, and was vacationing in Dubai.

A search of McInally’s parents’ home in Crosby found £ 30,000 in cash in cans. Another £ 20,000 was found hidden in another property.

During the trial, Mr Harris said Mr and Mrs McInally were arrested on suspicion of money laundering, but that they had not been charged with any criminal offense.

However, £ 34,335 of the money was accepted as proceeds of crime and confiscated for the benefit of the police.

Money seized from the home of cocaine trafficker Dominic McInally's father and mother in Little Crosby
Money seized from the home of cocaine trafficker Dominic McInally’s father and mother in Little Crosby

McInally appeared before a Liverpool Crown Court judge again this month for a hearing scheduled to discuss a new claim for proceeds of crime.

This case has learned that the 30-year-old is said to have benefited from a crime worth £ 257,396.30 – but all prosecutors believed they could realize it came to £ 7,605 thanks to the sale of branded clothing seized at auction.

Judge David Potter issued a forfeiture order for this amount.

If McInally does not comply with the order, his sentence could be increased, however, since the goods are already in the hands of the police, the process is essentially in the hands of the authorities.

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