Feels Like A Flight: An Affordable Uniqlo JW Anderson Designer Dress That Can Be Worn In Many Ways

These days, superfluous and unusable clothes are of no use in a closet. The litmus test for investing in new clothing in 2020 is as much about wearability as it is about aesthetics. by Vogue Accessories Director Willow Lindley aptly put it, “Versatility is now, more than ever, my number one style inspiration. From shoes to bags to dresses, versatility remains the key.

So when JW Anderson and Uniqlo dropped their latest collection in their ongoing collaboration earlier this month, I was inspired and ready to spend. Designer Jonathan Anderson is hailed for his almost innate understanding of the times both at his eponymous label and at Loewe. Uniqlo is known for its pragmatic wardrobe essentials. Combine the two and you always get affordable, must-have pieces that meet your wardrobe needs.

As comfy knits and scarves flew off the proverbial shelves, with sizes reduced every time I refreshed my browser, I was able to get my hands on a blue and white striped button-down dress that I felt was absolutely perfect for the moment. Versatile by nature, this is a true off-season classic that I have since worn in so many ways. At home, I’ve worn it with a turtleneck layered underneath, as a tunic with the bottom buttons undone and paired with oversized pants, as a jacket (shirt / jacket) worn fully unbuttoned with my favorite t-shirts in underneath, and even alone with a pair of knee-length flat chelsea boots. This dress is definitely the basis for countless outfits now, and many more to come.

Here, buy it before it’s gone.

Uniqlo x JW Anderson High Neck Shirt Dress

Jonathan Anderson is a speaker at Vogue ‘s Forces of Fashion Conference 2020, which will take place on November 16 and 17. Learn more and buy tickets here.

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