Handbag Clinic Review: How To Make Your Designer Bag Look New

Did you know that restoring or modernizing your handbag with a company like Handbag Clinic can add hundreds or even thousands to its resale value?

January is traditionally a key time for decluttering, refreshing, and wardrobe renewal. As we integrate Christmas gifts and sale shopping into our existing wardrobes, there’s no better time to re-evaluate items you already own but no longer use. Maybe these are your best jeans or a pair of shoes that you once cherished, but they have been stained or damaged and are now unused and unloved.

Once upon a time, items that are no longer in use would have been dumped in landfills. Now that almost everything can be restored, from a broken zipper and lock, to scuffed corners and stubborn stains, throwing away luxury items just doesn’t make sense to people anymore. And if you’ve invested in one of the best designer bags, it makes sense to restore rather than throw away anyway. As the UK’s leading and oldest luxury handbag catering service, the Handbag Clinic rejuvenates around 700 bags per month. They are passionate about reducing waste and encouraging people to enjoy fashion more consciously. Whether your purse has been badly stained, has lost its shape, or the handle is holding a thread, the dedicated team of craftsmen at the Handbag Clinic can perform miracles of restoration, increasing the duration. life and the value of your most precious handbags and shoes.

From removing stubborn stains and scratches to improving color loss or repairing broken zippers, worn edges, split piping and shape strengthening and stretched straps – the team combines the best craftsmanship, technology and innovative techniques to achieve the impossible and will make you fall in love with your handbag again!

Your purse needs a serious helping hand or has it lost its shape?

Woman & Home Fashion Director Paula Moore tried out the service to bring her beloved Chanel handbag back to life and was extremely pleased with the results.

“I have had this bag for over seven years and still love it as much as the day I bought it, a sign of a great purchase! Granted, it needed a little maintenance and a good cleaning. When you use something regularly over the years, it’s definitely going to be a bit damaged. Especially when he escorts you on the subway to the office (before the pandemic) and to the local wine bar after work.

“I was absolutely amazed when I received my bag from Handbag Clinic, it literally looked brand new, they did an amazing job. I will definitely be looking in my wardrobe to see if I can revive it one of my other handbags. “


chanel handbag before restoration at the handbag clinic

(Image credit: Paula Moore)


Chanel handbag restored by the handbag clinic

(Image credit: Handbag clinic)

How do I get a quote for catering services?

It’s easy to get a quote online for Handbag Clinics cleaning and catering services. All you need to do is complete the form below with a description of any damage. Your main concerns and what you would like the Handbag Clinic to do for you. You will also need to upload two images of your article.

How to maintain or increase the value of your purse

Co-founder and CEO of Handbag Clinic, Charlotte Staerck shares her top tips for keeping your bag in top condition.

  • Regular cleaning and protection is the best way to keep your bag in top condition
  • Have the right cleaning and protection products, essential for optimal maintenance.
  • Our care kits come with everything you need including sponges, cloths and a brush in the suede kit so you have all the tools you need to keep your bags looking like new.
  • Avoid placing your bags on restaurant and bar floors – this results in scuffed corners and your bag will be in a prime position for spills. We fixed so many bags stained by a clumsy waiter or a spill on a nearby table.
  • Wrapping a patterned silk scarf around the handles is an elegant and chic solution to protecting the most used area of ​​your bag.
  • Heat and humidity can really affect leather, so it’s essential to store your bag in a cool, dry place.
  • Use a bag cushion to pad your handbag to maintain its shape and structure and prevent wear and tear when you are not using the item.
  • If you fill your bag with tissues, you need to make sure that it is acid free and that the dust bag is of high quality, which will not let any color drip onto your bag.
  • Makeup and ink are some of the most difficult stains to remove from fabrics with a high oil content. The inside of your bag needs protection just as much as the outside. So use a makeup bag or a separate pouch.
  • The color change can provide an instant facelift, modernize dated shades, put them firmly back on trend, and add value. Anything is possible – beyond darkening light colors, we often see customers adding a pop of color to a black bag or, conversely, giving bright, bold colored bags a chic makeover. with a portable black or burgundy color.
  • Restructure and strengthen your bag. A structured tote loses its assertive look as its shape gets tired and degrades over time – a bag’s natural support needs to be strengthened. Going for a “bag restructuring” is an effective way to add value and revive the bag.
  • Adapt and update the handles of your bag. Swapping out a vintage handle for a shoulder strap or just adding a shoulder strap option to evolve over time is a simple but effective way to modernize a bag.

If you want to know more about the Handbag Clinic, you can visit their site here.

And we would love to hear from you and see your results!

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