I bought a Kim Kardashian Skims top – it ruined my designer bag and I’m warning others

SKIMS is known for its sculpting pieces designed to adapt to all body types.

Despite her great success, some customers have accused Kim Kardashian’s clothes of leaving stains on their valuables.


Gigi shared that her new Fendi bag was ruined by her Skims topCredit: TikTok/222gigii

Gigi, a woman who claims her designer bag was ruined by dye on a Skims top, took to social media to warn others in a TikTok video.

It’s unclear what color the top was, but she said it left dark-colored stains on her brand new peach-colored Fendi bag.

She clarified that the top she was wearing was from Skims’ “New Vintage” collection.

And despite washing the top before using it, Gigi said it still leaves a significant amount of residue on her premium bag.

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“Wash multiple times before wearing besties!!” she advised in the comments section of the clip.

And it looks like Gigi isn’t the only one who’s experienced this tissue malfunction.

People flooded the comments section with stories of their individual Skims experiences, some giving advice on how to remove the stain and others leaving cheeky remarks.

“My body skim stained my ribs and back and I changed into thinking I had bruises and was dying,” one person shared.

“Maybe this is a sign that you shouldn’t buy Skims,” ​​added another.

With a hack to get Gigi’s bag spotless, someone said, “An eraser will fix your bag! That usually does the trick.”

“Tell me how the same thing happens with a $20 Fashion Nova top happens with an $80 Skims top lol! another reviewer mused.

“My new black Skims dress stained my WALL because I leaned on it,” said another person with a bad experience.

“They need [to] send us a new BAG!!!!” someone else claimed.

“Ummm that doesn’t even happen with my Shein clothes what.”

“Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will fix it,” said another commenter.

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“I bought the Skims outdoor t-shirt and I love it… But I’ve washed it four times and it stains my body every time! another viewer wrote.

“The New Vintage line is garment dyed, which is why it’s notorious for it to transfer like this and become spotty after washing. Be careful with it!” one last person advised.

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