I would maximize credit cards by buying designer clothes and then return them, admits Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn

WITH her peroxide blonde hair, wrinkle-free skin, and plumped lips, Christine Quinn could easily be seen as fake by some.

But Netflix’s Selling Sunset real estate boss thinks that’s the secret to his success.


Sunset Sale star Christine Quinn says the secret to her success is living by the “pretend until you do” motto.Credit: Getty
Blonde bombshell, 31, thinks you have to act like yours and it will eventually be


Blonde bombshell, 31, thinks you have to act like yours and it will eventually be

Living in a £ 3.6million mansion, Christine says her glamorous existence is about living by the motto ‘pretend until you do’.

The mom-of-one from Dallas, Texas thinks you have to act like yours and you will.

In the first run of the 2019 hit porn movie series, she looked like a million bucks in designer clothes, but in reality, she would buy an outfit, wear it once, and then give it back. .

Christine, 31, says: “I used to buy clothes that I can’t afford – I wore them, felt great and sent them back – stores have a great return policy. I would never be seen twice in the same outfit.

“For the first season of Selling Sunset, I was buying and returning – maximizing credit cards along the way. I pretend until you do. I’m open to having Botox and fake breasts too, I don’t want to give other women a bad impression.

“The more transparent we are, the more confident other women will feel. As soon as I had my baby I booked for a Botox refill. I’ve always believed in myself and believed I was destined for greatness, so I act like it’s mine until it is. This is what brought me to where I am today, including the house I live in.

“Bullied at school for self-confidence”

As a real estate agent – or realtor – for the rich and famous, Christine has spent four years snooping around luxurious homes. Now she owns one of the amazing properties she used to visit. “I used to try to sell it to other people and now it’s mine,” Christine says.

“I had just started in real estate and every Tuesday and Sunday I organized an open house there. Those days I would come in and act like it was mine. I would bring my mail and leave it on the counter, pay my bills there. I even imagine my husband going down the stairs.

“Fast forward a few years and it came back to the market, I didn’t realize at first that it was the same property. But as I walked home I couldn’t believe it I walked in and tears started to flow – this was the house I always dreamed of living in and now it’s mine.

Christine married retired software engineer Christian Richard, 41, in December 2019, and they purchased the four-bed, five-bathroom mansion in January 2019.

They welcomed their son Christian Georges Dumontet 16 months later. But Christine went through a traumatic childbirth. Just two days after attending the MTV Movie and TV Awards, she suffered an emergency cesarean – which nearly killed her and her baby.

Christine says: “I had a terrifying experience. My waters broke during filming.

Don’t worry about the little bulls ** t, don’t worry about what other people say about you, just do your thing.

Christine quinn

“The whole experience made me really grateful. God gave me a chance and it put everything in perspective. It made me realize that life is too short – don’t worry about the little bulls ** t, don’t worry about what other people say about you, just do your thing.

Shortly after becoming a mother for the first time, Christine was trolled on social media for returning to work seven days after giving birth. Christine says, “I was bedridden for four days and I was in agony, but the minute I could start moving again, it helped and soothed the pain.

“Immediately I received a backlash for that and some of the comments hurt me because people pretended I was lying. It’s hard but you have to get past it, people always have opinions.

“And I’m a little used to it, I was bullied at school because I had confidence in myself and stood out from everyone else. But it made me more ambitious and determined. Now these bullies follow me on Instagram.

The reality show went on to become a worldwide hit and catapulted Christine to stardom with her outspoken personality. She was given the nickname “bitch” by other co-stars and fans. But this is nothing new for Christine who says she has always been called a. “To be honest, I’ve always taken it as a compliment,” Christine says.

“People always called me a bitch and I never understood why it was negative, so I decided to kiss her – it means people are talking about me. I work hard and I’m going to be confident. while I’m doing it.Known for her iconic red lips, Christine owns 67 shades of crimson lipsticks and started wearing makeup at the age of 12.

“Do it differently”

Her glamorous look earned Christine a collaboration with cosmetics brand Ciate London and she launched a five-piece collection with products called Villain Pump Plump Lip Gloss and Bo $$ B * tch Eyeshadow Palette.

Christine says, “The collection is all about duality, we wanted it to give a bad girl vibe while still being super cute and girly – showing both sides of my personality. The highlighter is my favorite because you can use the formula on your face and body.

“I’ve always loved experimenting with makeup, but a bold red lip is my signature. Jessica Rabbit, Marilyn Monroe and Dolly Parton were such beauty icons to me – I adapted my style to them.

“But if there’s one thing I want my collection to do, it’s give women the confidence to own their nerve and be a boss slut.” Rules are boring – break the mold and do it differently.

I eliminated toxic people and manifested bosses like me and now I have wonderful people in my life.

Christine quinn

“Life is too short for knowledge.

“I eliminated toxic people and manifested bosses like me and now I have wonderful people in my life.”

Today she reveals that she has always been called


Today she reveals that she has always been called a ‘slut’, long before other co-stars and fans jumped on the bandwagon.Credit: Instagram
The mother-of-one, here with her husband Christian Richard, says


The mother of one, here with her husband Christian Richard, says “I always took it as a compliment to be honest”Credit: INSTAGRAM / CHRISTINE QUINN
Sunset’s Christine Quinn sale drops her underwear in a stunning display

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