I’m a shopping expert – my designer bag I found at Walmart for 75% off

BOGG bags continue to grow in popularity.

The shopping expert Carlie, who passes thaatgirlcarlie on TikTok, shared a video on the platform where she found the holy dupe Bogg Bag.


Many online sites have created fake Bogg Bag

Carlie spotted the coveted bag at Walmart and found it to be significantly smaller than the original – a whopping 75% less.

quite the deal than the original bag sells online for $90.

The Time and Tru molded tote bag for women is available in several colors


The Time and Tru molded tote bag for women is available in several colors

Bogg Bag lovers who want the tote but don’t want to spend the money can find the popular item at Walmart stores or in line.

The counterfeit is called Time and Tru Women’s Molded Tote Bag and costs only $25.

It is available in a variety of colors including: Cabana Blue, Fleur, Mint Chip, Black, and more.

Time and Tru bag reviews are celebrated.

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Bogg bags start at $89


Bogg bags start at $891 credit

A critic by the name of Karla said: “I love my bag, for a quick trip to the store or perfect for the beach.”

Another reviewer named Jean said she bought three, assuming the price was so reasonable.

“I love the bag, but I’ll probably put crazy glue on the handles so they don’t unscrew,” Jean said.

Other Bogg Bag Dupes

Amazon sells an extra large Bogg bag starting at $145, but you can also find plenty of knockoffs for much less.

You can catch this Simply from the South mini tote bag on the site for more than half the price than the original.

The bags start at $35 and, depending on the color, sell for upwards of $55.

This Simply Southern mini tote bag is available in four colors


This Simply Southern mini tote bag is available in four colors

These particular bags have great reviews and received 4.7 out of five stars.

One reviewer shared, “I was looking for a pool bag for my stuff. I wanted to be able to carry sunscreen, a book and my drink! This is perfect!”

Adding it was perfect for moms taking their kids to the pool.

Another counterfeit sold by Amazon is of the Generic brand and in the same price range.

The bags are available in 31 different colors and all sell for $50.

Generic brand bags have no reviews and are not rated.

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