Kmart shoppers in designer bag dupe: ‘Run, don’t walk’

When a fashion item is in, everyone releases a version of it, and Kmart is always there for good dupes at bargain prices.

That’s exactly what happened with the multi-pocket shoulder camera bag.

The designer’s originals, the Kmart version is similar to: the Louis Vuitton utility bag and the See by Chloé camera bag. Photo: Louis Vuitton/ Chloe

High-end designers, mid-market, and discount retailers are all releasing their versions.

The $4,800 Louis Vuitton crossbody utility bag and medium Tilly See By Chloé camera bag probably started the trend, but when they start at around $350, it’s easy to see why fashionistas are looking for alternatives.


There are now many versions at different price points and in different fabrics.

Of course, Kmart hopped on the trend by creating their utility shoulder bag, and fans are loving it.

On the left, the Kmart utility bag in black with gold zips, and on the right, in khaki from Tiktok on a shiny fabric like a white sheet.

The Kmart Utility Bag lets you shop the trend for just $15! Photo: Kmart & TikTok/@basicaussiegirlz

Fans love the choice

On TikTok, Basic Aussie Girlthe video about the find at Kmart has racked up nearly 400,000 views, 43,000 likes, and over 1,000 comments, so this trend isn’t going away anytime soon!

“Run, don’t walk. Kmart is selling Poppy Lissiman dupes for $15,” she said in the video.

The Poppy Lissiman Bobby bag, which is also an interpretation of Chloé and Louis Vuitton bags, sells for $155.

“Yassssss, run, don’t walk,” one follower urged.

“It’s so good,” added another.

Diehard designer fans stick to the more expensive options

“That’s cute but I love Poppy Lissiman,” one TikTok user wrote in the comments. “It’s a very good option for people who don’t want to spend all the money [sic]” she added.

“It’s really cute and basic. And, yes, Poppy Lissiman is way better, but not everyone can afford it, because it’s really expensive,” the OP replied.

“I love how much more affordable it is, if Kmart ups its game a bit and releases better colors, 99.9% ppl [sic] wouldn’t complain.” another commented.

Many followers pointed out that other retailers also have a version of this multi-pocket crossbody bag.

On the right, a bright green Poppy Lissiman Bobby bag;  top left, a brown and gold Guess'.  No Limit shoulder bag;  and underneath a PETA + JAIN Lala cream bag.

The Poppy Lissiman green version, $155; Guess’ version, $149; and PETA + JAIN’s Lala Bag, $79.95. Photo: Poppy Lissiman; Guess; PETA + JAIN

“H&M sells one too!” we wrote.

“They also have some in Glassons,” added a second.

The advantage of this style, besides being practical and compact, is that you will be able to find a version in your price range.

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