Martin Lewis fan explains how she buys designer clothes for 20p – saving her thousands

Lauren Reynolds shared some of her wardrobe bargains in the third episode of Martin Lewis’ Extreme Savers

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Martin Lewis Extreme Savers: Woman reveals how she saved ‘thousands’ by buying second-hand clothes

A Martin Lewis fan explained how she finds designer clothes for just 20p at charity shops and yard sales.

Lauren Reynolds, 23, of Surrey, estimates she saved thousands of pounds buying her clothes from second-hand sources.

It also means that his way of shopping is much more sustainable than always buying new clothes.

Sharing a few bargains in her wardrobe in the third episode of Martin Lewis’ Extreme Savers, Laura revealed how she bought a mustard yellow midi dress she picked out for just 20 pence at a warehouse sale. charitable.

The same dress typically costs £ 150 straight from the retailer, meaning Lauren saved £ 149.80.

Lauren also bagged a £ 50 dress for just £ 4 with the tag still on it – days after her friend bought the same item online the week before, at full price.

Do you have a tip for saving money on designer clothes? Let us know:

Martin Lewis fan Lauren Reynolds shared some of her best deals

On the show, she revealed how some charity store finds cost her 20p



The savvy spender said she started shopping for second-hand clothes in 2016 due to a poorly paid apprentice salary.

Lauren told viewers: “On average, in a charity shop you are looking for prices for sweaters around £ 4 or £ 5, for dresses around £ 5 or £ 6.”

But Martin and Lauren both noted how charity shops are increasingly aware of bargain-conscious shoppers and have started to raise their prices.

Anxious not to miss a good deal, Lauren explains that she also searches for used equipment in garage sales and even on the Facebook Marketplace.

Most recently, she managed to find a new pair of used Doc Martens for £ 180 for just £ 20 on Facebook.

Lauren estimates she saved thousands of pounds buying second-hand

Martin Lewis is the founder of MoneySavingExpert



Lauren added, “The bottom car boots are where you can find real bargains. You wouldn’t be looking to spend more than £ 1 or £ 2 on something that makes things so affordable. “

“It’s so important to think, ‘Do I really need it? And do I really want it?’

“My biggest goal when buying used items is to never let an item go to the landfill if it doesn’t need it.

“So if I’ve decided that I don’t really want an item anymore, I’ll sell it or give it back just to keep it in the cycle.

“On top of that, it means I never have a pocket which is great.”

In the same episode, Martin overheard an avid traveler who avoids expensive baggage fees at the airport by wearing a personalized jacket that allows him to carry all of his stuff.

Lee Cimino, a frequent traveler before coronavirus crisis, got the specially-made coat after her carry-on baggage allowance on a flight to Ireland was changed just days before her flight.

Even though it would only have cost between £ 6-8 each way, Mr Cimino said ‘that was the principle’ so he decided to find a way to beat the system.

  • Martin Lewis’s Extreme Savers airs this Wednesday at 8 p.m. on ITV1

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