Pre-loved designer dress agency launched in Weymouth

A NEW high-end clothing and designer items upcycling business was launched today in Weymouth as part of the latest boost to the town’s economy.

Wendy Petitdemange is launching Petit Pieces Dress Agency in St Mary’s Street to offer customers the opportunity to buy high-end second-hand items and even sell their own.

“We all use way too much shopping and get rid of it,” said Ms. Petitdemanget, a former theater teacher and producer.

“The idea that you can buy something, wear it multiple times, bring it here and then get the money for it, that’s really the whole idea behind the store.

“Nowhere else does that, with that kind of clothes and since Debenhams has closed many of my friends have asked where they can go for some really nice dress clothes. ”

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Ms Petitdemange hopes to fill a gap in the city’s market for high-end clothing while helping to reduce waste by tackling “fast fashion”.

The new business only accepts clothing in very good condition and high-end and branded goods, with Ms Petitdemange saying there was ‘no other place in Weymouth like it’.

Customers can both buy and sell their own products, to sell an item, people can make an appointment with Ms. Petitdemange through her Facebook page or by phone, and if the product matches the requirements, a price will be agreed upon, the customer getting 40% of the sale.

Dorset Echo: Inside Petit Pieces Dress Agency.  Photo: Sam Machin

For Ms. Petitdemange, owning her own clothing store has always been a “dream” for her.

She said: “I always wanted to have a clothing store. I’ve always loved clothes, designer items, high end fashion, and this opportunity presented itself to rent the space here.

“I thought, what a fantastic opportunity and I love the idea of ​​buying second-hand clothes.

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“A lot of my friends buy used stuff and the charity shops are great, but they don’t often get the high end and designer stuff so there is a real gap in the market and that’s great. to reuse things you already have, rather than just throwing it away.

The Petit Pieces dress agency is located at the back of Cornucopia in St Mary Street and will be open Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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