The 5 Best Places to Buy a Used Designer Bag (and Not Get Ripped Off)

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There may be a plethora of resale marketplaces out there, but it’s impossible to forget the original site to sell pre-loved items, eBay. And while we regularly scour the marketplace’s offerings online, a major concern for thrift store users is whether their designer offerings are genuine.

With replicas looking genuine, the internet can be full of misleading descriptions and fakes. Now eBay is saving us from scams with their new launch’Authenticity Guarantee‘ for designer handbags listed over $350. Logos are inspected, design quality is assessed, and leather is sniffed to ensure that the item you are looking to purchase is as real as possible. Just keep an eye out for their blue authenticity checkmark to make sure it’s been approved by the eBay team.


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With a new iconic designer handbag, we’re talking Prada, Gucci and Saint Laurent— listed on eBay every two minutes, those looking for a designer addition to their wardrobe can breathe easy.

In fact, eBay offers its customers the opportunity to spend and save when building their luxury bag collection. From August 1 to 14, if you spend between the minimum of $350 and $499, you get $40 off; if you spend between $500 and $999, you save $70; and for expenses of $1,000 or more, you welcome $100 back into your accounts. All you have to do is insert the coupon code “BAGSNS” at checkout, and you’re about to save some pennies.

You can browse, buy and sell authentic vintage pieces that have been carefully vetted by eBay, here— and you can find out how eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee works here.

Our selection of second-hand designer bags on eBay


Saint Laurent Cassandra Tote Bag, $1899 at eBay.


Prada Small Brushed Leather Tote, $999 at eBay.


Small Gucci Soho Disco Bag, $1,320 at eBay.

The real real

The real real has a history of authentication when it comes to designer items and is known for hosting brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Gucci. Over the years, they have earned a reputation for their straightforward processes. Its streamlined sales process does all the work for the consignee, from authentication and photography to merchandising and shipping.

However, the trick to buying a luxury item from online consignment stores is to closely monitor the condition of the handbag. Examine the images carefully and check their policy, in case the item you are purchasing arrives in a lesser condition than originally specified.

Curious? Don’t worry, you can check The real real here.

Used designer bags

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Communal changing room

As for Vestiaire Collective, its community platform is another reference for second-hand fashion pieces, especially since it promotes second-hand as the sustainable alternative to fast fashion. Through their popular app, nine million members list over 60,000 new posts in any given week, making Changing room a solid choice for buyers.

Just like TheRealReal, product quality should be checked when shopping for designer handbags at Vestiaire. And while there’s a lot of confidence in their offering, the best deals to browse through Vestiaire are rarer and limited-edition pieces, found in the “Exceptional Pieces” section of their website. On the app, you can find pieces such as the Prada Tessuto, the Gucci Jackie or the Dior Saddle up to 70% off their retail price.

Curious? Don’t worry, you can check Vestiaire Collective here.


You may have heard of 1stdibs before, but probably due to their popularity for their finds of antique or obscure furniture. But what many may know by now is that the online marketplace also acts as a middleman between you and the filtered shops and galleries around the world.

Sure, there might be a plethora of home decor ready to snatch, but there’s also a slew of unique, limited-edition designer handbags that are ready to snatch, like the Hermès Birkin Bag and the coveted Versace La Medua.

Curious? Don’t worry, you can check 1stdibs here.


After recently ceasing to be a sneaker-only company, StockX decided to dive into the handbag market. Sorted in a market format, once you find a handbag that makes your heart swoon, you need to place a bid underneath the asking price and wait for the seller to give you their approval.

While, of course, losing the ability to purchase the item immediately may seem like a downfall to some, we believe it keeps your shopping experience on its toes. There’s nothing more satisfying than competing for an item you desperately want, like the Teflar shopping bag, and getting it.

Curious? Don’t worry, you can check StockX here.

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