The bargain hunter shows where to find designer clothes cheaper than Primark

TikTok user Ashleigh-Jayne is a huge fan of charity shops and manages to find brands like Ralph Lauren, All Saints and Hunter for a fraction of their regular price.

Ashleigh-Jayne buys designer clothes from charity stores

A bargain hunter explained how she gets designer clothes that cost less than Primark at charity stores.

TikTok user Ashleigh-Jayne travels to London’s most expensive areas to save hundreds of pounds on her wardrobe – with stunning results.

Some of his more recent savings include a Ralph Lauren shirt for £ 18 instead of the usual price of around £ 60, as well as an All Saints blazer for just £ 9, with a similar version being sold online for £ 250. .

Ashleigh-Jayne also found a Hunter raincoat for £ 22, which reportedly cost £ 130 based on other coats on their website, as well as an All Saints jacket for £ 20, with this brand typically selling for over £ 100 .

In addition to designer clothes, she also manages to shop for half-price shoes and bags, including a Coach bag for just £ 60 instead of their usual suggested retail price of around £ 30.

Similar Ralph Lauren shirts sell for around £ 60

All Saints jackets like this can cost over £ 100

Ashleigh-Jayne says the best places to look for designer items in charity shops are in Chelsea and Kensington and adds that “Gloucester Road was particularly good”.

But it’s not just London that offers the best deals in charity shops – The Mirror recently got £ 400 worth of clothing, including Topshop, Hobbs and Cos for £ 60 at a charity store in Kent.

Publication under the TikTok handle @xashleighjayne, she said, “When you walk into Primark and realize their clothes cost more than Levi’s or Ralph Lauren savings.”

If you can’t make it to a charity store or don’t live near London, Ashleigh-Jayne also recommended that you look for second-hand designer items on eBay.

She said she recently took a transport on eBay and saved £ 812 in designer items – including another All Saints jacket for just £ 26, when they sell for £ 320.

You would normally expect to pay £ 60 for this Coach bag

Ashleigh-Jayne also buys designer clothes online, including eBay and Vinted.

Ashleigh-Jayne also bought a Sandro dress for £ 5 when it was initially sold for £ 185.

As well as other websites to check out for used gems include Depop and Vinted – just type in the brand you are looking for to see what items are for sale.

Of course, unlike shopping in person, you will have to pay for postage and packaging costs – so be sure to factor in those additional costs.

But you will most likely save money compared to buying overpriced clothes.

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