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Trendy places like New York and Los Angeles are known for being fashion-forward and offer plenty of boutiques and shops to buy designer brands. While Colorado may not be recognized as a fashion mecca like some of these other places, shoppers in the century-old state are still on the lookout for luxury brands and designers.

A new study by online art gallery SINGULART has revealed which luxury brands are most popular in every state across the country, including Colorado. To collect their data, SINGULART looked at annual Google search volumes for 42 luxury designer brands between 2018 and 2021. They used this information to find out how many searches per brand increased during that specific period.

Louis Vuitton was named the number one luxury brand in every state. The France-based brand saw the biggest increase in searches, with a total increase of 21,011,700 searches from 2018 to 2021.

SINGULART broke down the data even further to reveal other popular brands state by state.

As for Colorado, the most popular designer brand turned out to be Dior. The French fashion house saw an increase of 53,800 searches in the Centenary State over the four-year period. The study showed that Dior is also a favorite in the rest of America, with 62% of states seeking the luxury brand more than any other.

Other designer brands topping Colorado’s favorites list include Chanel, with an increase of 52,000 searches, as well as Hermes and Burberry.

According to Forbes, Denver Fashion Week is one of the fastest growing fashion platforms in the country. The annual event features up-and-coming Colorado designers, local boutiques, national brands, hairstylists, makeup artists and models. It is a great place to discover new stylish trends and support a large number of designers.

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