Unlike fast fashion, emerging designer brands BODY404 last longer without exploiting labor or the environment

NEW YORK, June 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — By spending just 15% more, you could end up with a more sustainable world and a higher quality product that lasts longer and doesn’t create mountains of waste or exploit workers currently in the fast fashion industry.

BODY404 works tirelessly to source high quality sustainable and socially responsible products. The e-commerce site is also looking for emerging designers who have created unique aesthetic brands that reflect its core values.

“We pay special attention to communicating their design concepts and painstaking efforts in the production process, as we believe this is a respect for both the designers and the fashion industry,” said BODY404’s brand manager. Charles Wang.

Fast fashion brands aimed at the Gen Z consumer only seek efficiency with lightning-fast production. It can create clothes in five days at the expense of underpaid workers, produces a lot of environmental waste, and lacks social responsibility or sustainability.

According to the World Wildlife Federation, the fast fashion industry produces 53 million tons of clothing per year. It could reach 160 million tonnes by 2050. from Chile The Atacama Desert has mountains of fast fashion clothing waste because clothing recycling is less than one percent.

Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, requiring 20,000 liters of water to produce a single kilogram of cotton yarn, enough to make a t-shirt and jeans. In addition, more than 8,000 chemicals are used.

These issues all contribute to the global environmental crisis, climate change and the exploitation of workers. Although the industry has been criticized, little has been done. Consumers are asking for change.

According to DoSomething, up to 75% of Gen Z would like to see brands that keep employees and consumers safe. Consumers also demand sustainability and want to know how products are made and whether workers are treated fairly according to McKinsey.

These are all important issues with BODY404.

“We are selective with our brand partners. Our partners such as Ufology, Mlen Diary, and Cosmic Speculation all use environmentally friendly materials and pay attention to labor rights, and have clean factories,” Wang said.

Most of the brands found on BODY404 are exclusive and not available anywhere else. Instead of mass production, these brands are produced on demand, so there is less waste.

An example of an environmentally innovative product line at BODY404 is the Cosmic Speculation Restart Collection fragrance diffusers created from recycled kitchen scraps.

It uses recyclable technology to extract reusable components from food scraps and kitchen scraps to create a delicious, non-toxic scent.

“Another example is the Ufology phone case, which is made from 100% sustainable biodegradable wheat straw material. It’s guaranteed to protect your phone,” Wang said.

When discarded, it naturally breaks down in the compost into harmless water and carbon dioxide. Mlen Diary false eyelashes and adhesives are another example of a socially responsible brand carried by BODY404.

All materials are hypoallergenic, skin safe, 100% vegan and cruelty free. At the same time, Mlen Diary supports the financial independence of stay-at-home moms and women living in remote areas of Chinawho have no other source of income.

“Consumers can now be part of the solution. Buying from BODY404 is a step towards building a better, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible world,” Wang said.

For more information or to schedule an interview, contact Charles Wang at 4127373050 or [email protected].


Charles Wang
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