Woman Buys $7 Designer Bag From Charity Store, Ends Up With Money From Someone Else’s Inheritance

The beauty of charity shops is that people never know what they might find – and sometimes they might end up with way more than they bargained for.

TikTok user @marthafused picked up an old Coach bag for $6.99 (£5.80) at the Salvation Army. Her viral clip revealed how she discovered a wild note hidden in a compartment while cleaning it.

She told the 8.1 million viewers: “I thought I could clean up, so I start working on trying to pull this flap out, at the bottom of a purse, and there’s an envelope.”

In a surprise turn of events, the envelope contained $300 (£250) and a confessional note addressed to the new owner.

“I have three children, they will give my stuff to Goodwill when I die. So I put their legacy in all my favorite things,” it read.

The woman, who signed the note as “Martha”, said her husband’s mistress left the bag behind. “I came home early from a visit to my parents in Connecticut. She had to leave quickly because she forgot her bag and her shoes.”

“I wore it every day and I give it away because my kids don’t want it. So go buy yourself a new bag,” the note continued.

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Check your mother’s purses before donating them to Goodwill! #justsaying #omgchallenge #foundmoney #goodwillfinds #goodwill #donate #justkiddingrelax

The new TikToker discovery prompted her to return to the store and ask if anyone knew Martha. An employee said she last saw her in December 2021.

One user joked, “One thing about Martha, she’ll hold a grudge. Even to death lol,” while another said, “Martha was clearly a badass woman. The fact that she included all the tea with the money.”

A third added: “Be a Martha in a Karen world.”

Even the Coach brand reacted to the TikTok story.

Users have since begun to feature similar “Martha” notes hidden in charity clothing.


Someone contacted me, they have a #MarthaNote #omg #martha #beamartha @MassageGuru #notyourtypicaltopical #infusedreleaf #justkiddingrelax #thrift

In a follow-up clip, the TikToker said she met a woman who also found a note and $100 (£83) hidden in her charity shop jeans.

She said she would update her TikTok followers once the pair shared stories.

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