Would you buy a $13,000 designer dress on Amazon?

At a time when more consumers are living paycheck to paycheck and the tightening of the belt is putting a damper on discretionary spending, Amazon is looking to tap into the resilience of high-end consumers by expanding its division Luxury of 2 years to the richest five. nations in Europe.

Launching its “Luxury, out of the box” campaign in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK, the world’s largest online retailer seeks to bring the convenience of mobile shopping and fast delivery at a corner of the market normally served by exclusive boutiques and busy shops. At the same time, the growing initiative is also reaching out to designers themselves, giving them another platform to speak directly to new customers in more ways and places than ever before.

“Amazon is focused on providing brands and designers with innovative resources, including animated graphics and enhanced auto-play images, to further share their stories and connect with fashion-engaged customers,” said Xavier Flamand. , vice president of Amazon Seller Services, in a statement. relayed by multiple media across Europe.

It’s Amazon after all

For a brand that has built a reputation by offering consumers maximum choice across an array of different retail segments, the luxury line follows a similar, albeit smaller, format.

With nine main categories to browse, from “Summer Night Out” to dresses to high heels, and 52 different designers and brands to choose from, ranging from Altuzarra to Wires sunglasses, the expansion of the format is showcased like “just the beginning”. for customers and labels in Europe and beyond.

“Fashion is an area where we continue to innovate and add selection, and we’re always looking for opportunities to bring our diverse, fashion-savvy customers more of their favorite brands and styles,” said Ruth. Diaz, Vice President of Amazon Fashion Europe. . “This is just the beginning, and we look forward to continuing to support brands with innovative tools and resources so they can share their latest collections and unique stories with our customers across Europe season after season. .”

The $13,000 Dress Question

Certainly, demand for luxury goods and designer brands has outpaced their more traditional rivals throughout the post-pandemic era of hyperinflation and recession fears, the glitzy, multimedia campaign that showcases price models lofty and extravagant settings is not without its risks and challenges.

While lower-priced items, such as $150 sunglasses or designer accessories will be available to a wider range of consumers, many more expensive offerings, such as a $13,345 beaded Elie Saab dress, will be available. strictly forbidden to all except the wealthiest. clients.

Even so, the availability of these items raises the question of whether consumers are really ready and willing to buy these types of luxury items in the same way that they might acquire a set of dishes or napkins to enjoy. advantages of fast and free delivery.

Additionally, many of the same online retail challenges – such as returns and proper sizing – that are currently squeezing margins and complicating the sales process will be just as present in Amazon’s luxury designer category, but with exponentially higher stakes.

While the fashion world and trade press, much of which is based in Europe, have hailed the expansion and launch of Amazon Luxury in their home markets, the real test will come from consumers and the need to resist. the test of time.



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